I Stand for Israel
Featuring one of Judy's latest songs - recorded in 2009 - and released on a compilation album called Faithful - in conjunction with Christians for Israel Australia. This song is a statement of support, a call to intercession, a cry to the Jewish people, a plea to the Gentile church - to love the nation God loves, to believe in His promises and His everlasting faithfulness to Israel and to us. 
The album is available from Christians for Israel Australia -
www.c4israel.com.au - go to the webshop/music to listen to the tracks and/or to purchase.  If you wish to purchase this song as an individual mp3, contact Judy directly from this site.
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I Stand for Israel - lyrics
Written by Judy McComb
©2009 Covenant Builders

Wherever I stand, I stand for Israel
Wherever I walk, Iíll walk with her
Wherever I go, I will tell of her great fame
So the world will see sheís not alone
Wherever I go, my heartís for Israel
Whenever I speak, her truth Iíll speak
Whenever I see all her many enemies
I will be heard in the heavenlies!

I say peace to Jerusalem
Long live Jerusalem
Set your heart on Your coming King
I say Israel lift up your eyes
See the land thatís prophesied
Donít fear for our God declares your victory



Wherever I stand, I stand for Israel
Whenever I pray, her peace Iíll seek
Whenever they say sheíll be cast into the sea
I see the land where Messiah will stand
Whenever I sing, Iíll sing for Israel
Whenever I weep, her tears Iíll shed
Whenever I fear that her future all seems lost
Godís promises I once again declare!

Shalom Jerusalem
Put Your trust in the Lord